Knowing the Advantix II

When it comes to pets, one gorgeous animal that might cross your mind is a dog. Yes, everyone loves the dog. Besides the fact that says dog is a very obedient and friendly animal, the dog is also cute and strong. Some even say that most people choose a dog for their pet. Nevertheless, there are some problems that people have in having a dog as their pet, which is very annoying and disturbing ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting fleas, and lice. There are many products that offer to solve that problem, but the most effective one is Advantix II.


Advantix II orK9 Advantix II is the dog protector that is manufactured by the Bayer Corp. This product has been trusted and also dedicated to animal healthcare. In fact, due to the health consideration, this product is design only for dogs that is 7 weeks old or older. There is no specification on what types of dogs that are allowed to use this product. It means that it is available for all types of dog. Nevertheless, this product is not allowed to be applied to the cat!

For those who love their dogs, one thing that they have to care for them is their health. Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting fleas and lice are the insects that usually come and disturb your dog, and that is very annoying. Advantix II is the protection for your dog to repel and kill those very disgusting insects so that your dog can be free from those problems. The fun doesn’t stop there: Advantix the II is also design not only to get those insects away from your dogs but it also works to prevent those insects from coming. Maximum protection is going to be activated after applying this product on your dogs.

Not only free your dogs from parasites by repelling and killing them but Advantix II also offer extra treatment that is good for your dog like protecting them with IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) pyriproxyfen that will not allow flea eggs. So it will reduce the possibility to be infected with the tick-transmitted illness. Since this product also repels mosquitoes, it will also prevent the diseases that are brought by mosquitoes like heart warm or West Nile Virus. This formulation is proven as one step ahead than other products. Another advantage of this product is this product also prevents immature forms as they get older. Another amazing thing that is taken into account is that this K9 Advantix will be still working after being applied to the dog even after they take a bath or swim.

The next thing that you probably want to know is the way to apply this to your dogs. To apply this product on your dogs. First, you have to position your dog in a comfortable position for you to apply it and for your dog. Then you can blade the back hair of your dog to expose the skin. Next, you can apply in some different spot on the back depends on the size of the dog. The natural movements of your dog will spread Advantix II all over the body by itself.

Seeing all the advantages that are offered by the Advantix II, it is obvious that this product is better than any other similar products that only offer to get the insect away but doesn’t give other benefits like mentioned above. So you are a click away from getting maximum protection for your dog by purchasing Advantix II.

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