Advantage II, One of thr Popular Medication for Your Beloved Pet

The Advantage II for a dog is the newest topical flea maintenance from Bayer. Use Advantage II to save the dog from flea within an hour of application of this product to the body of an animal. Flea under your dog would be killed within about 12 hours. And to protect your pet from the further flea attack, the re-infesting flea will be run for about two hours. The product of Advantages II killed the fleas through direct contact, so the flea does not have to bite to die. The waterproof application will be last about one month.


The benefit when you choose Advantages II for the dog, it has a lot of benefits. There are so many Advantages offered when you choose Advantage II as your product for your beloved dog treatment. By this product, fleas under your beloved pet would be destroyed less than 12 hours, and the results are 98 % of fleas within your dog have been killed successfully. This Advantage II also deals with the infestation of lice, and you can see that this product will perfectly finish the entire flea which lives under your pet’s fur; they will be destroyed immediately by the advantage II.

The other benefit you can get when you decide to purchase the Advantage II including kills the adult of biting fleas during 12 hours of application, it means within 12 hours you can see that the fleas under your dog will be dead successfully because of the advantages II you have applied on your pet’s body before.

The Advantage II can also destroy the flea in all stages in the flea life-cycle. This advantage II treatment for dog also destroys the chewing fleas. This product help maintains the mange on dog’s skin that is caused by the bitten of flea, the substances contained on the advantage II will help heal your dog. It is also safe if it is used for the puppy in age from 7 weeks. It really safe for the baby dog, the chemical substances contained on it will kill the fleas but will not give the bad impact for the health of the puppy.

How to use this product is by applying the Advantage II on the surface of the dog’s skin, it is waterproof, so once you apply it on the dog’s skin, it will keep the stick on it. The benefit of this advantage II will stay strong and can kill the fleas during 30 days since the first application in the dog.

Talk about how this advantages II work in killing the fleas under your dog when the liquid is start applied to the skin of your dog; two active substances are distributed to the entire of the body through the way of dog’s glands. The advantages II attack and kill the fleas and also prevent the fleas’ egg from growing to adult flea. So, when you find out that your dog is apparently suffering from fleas attack, so this is the time for you to give the best medication for your beloved pet, so they will be healthy again to play with you again.

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