Frontline vs Advantix

Are you currently looking for the best pet flea control product for your beloved dogs or cats? There are several top brands that you need to consider, and the two of them are Frontline and Advantix. Both products are good and effective to kill fleas and larvae on your dogs or cats’ body. If both of them are good, Frontline vs Advantix, then which one is better? Which one should you choose? Which one works better in killing fleas? Both products, Frontline and Advantix, are often compared each other because both products are widely used by pet owners and proven to effective in killing fleas, ticks, and larvae.


Since there are various products on the market which claim to be the best in killing fleas, pet owners cannot easily decide which one to buy for their beloved dogs or cats. Among those products, Frontline and Advantix are proven to be the top brands and also effective in treating fleas. Because Frontline and Advantix often get compared, here are the key differences between those two products. Frontline or Advantix; which one is better for your dogs? Frontline Plus (for dogs) is the best product from Frontline for your dogs. It kills not only adult fleas but also ticks, larvae, chewing lice and flea eggs. While K9 Advantix is a product from Advantix, kills fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and chewing lice.

A good pet flea control product needs to be waterproof so that it can last long. Frontline and Advantix; which one is waterproof? Products from both brands are waterproof. They last long and will not rinse off even though you bath your dogs. The active ingredient from the products store below the pets’ skin so that it is waterproof. One pack or one dose from both brands last for a month. The products give your dogs or cats nonstop protection for an entire month.

Frontline and Advantix in the application, the application is easy. You just simply need to apply the product on the pets’ skin. You should wait for 48 hours after applying the K9 Advantix before bathing the dog. This product from Advantix can only be used for dogs. Keep your dog in the distance from cats for a whole day after applying for the medicine. If you are using Frontline Plus, you need to wait for 24 hours before bathing your dogs because the product will dry in 24 hours after applying. You can bath your dogs after 48 hours if you use K9 Advantix, and 24 hours if you use Frontline Plus.

Frontline vs Advantix in side effects, both products can cause some skin irritations that are temporary. If the irritations get worsened after few days, contact a veterinarian to discuss about it. Products from Frontline are safe to be used on puppies, pregnant, and nursing dogs. While, products from Advantix need permission from a veterinarian. If you want to use them for pregnant and nursing dogs, The K9 Advantix is safe to be used on minimal 7 weeks old puppies, and Frontline can be used on minimal 8 weeks old puppies.

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