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Fleas and ticks can attack your dog’s anywhere. Keeping your dog’s healthy is very important for the dog itself and also your family. Frontline for dogs understands this. The possibility of your dog’s getting fleas and ticks are bigger after walking your dog outside. Many people do not take this problem seriously. They think that fleas and ticks are common and not a big deal but it actually can be a bigger problem because they can spread to your house areas.

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Besides that, fleas and thick will be very uncomfortable for your dogs. The itchiness is unbearable, and they may scratch too hard which causes dog skin problem. You need to immediately combat this. Do not delay because fleas and ticks can produce more than you expected. This product comes to help what your dogs need.

Many people still cannot differentiate between fleas and ticks. Here, the writer wants to share some of the differences which can help you to determine whether it is fleas or ticks on your dogs. And which Frontline Plus for dogs is suitable. Fleas do not have wings, and it is an insect. Ticks have eight legs which look like a spider, and it is arachnids. The hosts of fleas are not as many as ticks which are cats, dogs, foxes, etc. The hosts of ticks are dogs, rabbits, birds, cats, snakes, etc. Fleas live for 100 days and ticks can live from 3 weeks up to 2 years. Both fleas and ticks lay eggs massively. Fleas lay 30-50 eggs and ticks only lay eggs one time for thousands of numbers, and after that, they die. Fleas like warm temperature to live and ticks can live in low or even freezing temperature.

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Many pet shops sell medicine to combat the unwelcome visitors. There are many in types in the market. Frontline for dogs is a trusted product which is very effective and efficient to get rid of fleas and ticks for your dogs. There are many fleas and ticks reliever products which are difficult to use for your dogs, but Frontline only requires a simple way to apply it to your dogs. The formula it contains is very powerful to remove fleas and ticks.

After the use, Frontline works in 10 to 45 hours. Besides that, after the use, it gives a long treatment that keeps away fleas and ticks for 30 days. Frontline understand that fleas and ticks may lay eggs and larvae. It also cleans them all immediately. The response is very quick once applied to your dogs. The good thing about Frontline Plus is that it can still be used with other medications.

Fleas and tick can be deadly to your dogs if it is left untreated. Many people do not care so much when their dogs are infected with fleas and ticks. There are actually many ways to remove fleas and ticks, but they are quite difficult. They are usually are not effective because they do not clear them well. Frontline Plus for dogs has been experienced combating fleas and ticks for many years. The agent can lock the target and clear them immediately. It is not only as a cure but also as a treatment for your dogs.

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