Frontline Plus for Your Healthy Pets

Fleas and ticks are common in our pets. If it is untreated, it will be dangerous for your friends. Fleas and ticks can attack your pets anywhere. It is a topical medication and treatment which is applied monthly for dogs and cats. The response is very quick and effective to kill fleas and ticks. It guarantees you that your dogs and cats will be 100%free from unwanted visitors. Once applied to your dogs and cats, Frontline Plus immediately eliminates ticks and fleas including the eggs and larvae. Besides that, Frontline is very safe to use even for pregnant and lactating dogs and cats. It can also be used for puppies and kittens.

frontline plus for dogs and cats

Fleas and ticks can be so annoying for your dogs and cats, not only them but also your house life. Ticks and fleas like to host a new place, and once they are there, they will breed to thousands. Just imagine your house is attacked by fleas and ticks. You will feel itchy all over your body, and the worst thing is that they can give other diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Disease. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria which is called Borrelia Burgdorferi. It is brought by ticks and can infect humans. Many people in the US suffer from this condition because of the home pets that are infected by ticks. Frontline works very effectively within 12 hours to kill ticks and fleas. Besides that, not only as a cure, but it also works as a treatment for your dogs and cats for further attack by tick and fleas. It also gives benefit to blocking fleas and ticks spread other diseases.

Frontline Plus for dogs is very effective to kill the unwanted ticks and fleas. For dogs which like to wander outside and play with stray animals, the possibility of getting ticks and fleas are high. Thus, Frontline Plus can be a treatment before your dogs are attacked by ticks and fleas. Ticks and fleas can lay thousands of eggs. Those ticks and fleas in a garden, park, etc., may jump to your dogs and develop there. If we walk a dog, the ticks and fleas can crawl up to your dog’s leg, and after that, they try to find the best temperature for them to live and lay eggs. If it remains unknown by the owner, the dogs can have thousands of fleas and ticks on their bodies.

frontline plus

Frontline Plus for cats is trusted to be effective and efficient. The application is very easy and simple. You only need to apply on one spot on your cats ‘shoulders. This treatment will start to work in 12 to 48hours after the application. Cats which like to play outside with stray animals have a big possibility of being attacked by ticks and fleas. Ticks and fleas can live without feeding. The fipronil which is the key active ingredient in Frontline, it is powerful to damaging the nervous system of fleas and ticks.

Besides that, this product can also be used for puppies. It is very safe to combat fleas and ticks. When ticks and fleas attack puppies, the result may be more dangerous. Puppies have more vulnerable body condition. Once attacked by ticks and fleas, the skin of the puppies will be so itchy and may cause a dangerous infection. Frontline for puppies is available in many pet stores.

So, keep your pets healthy. Ticks and fleas cannot be a reason you get your dogs or cats ill. Do an early prevention and once your dogs or cats are infected, find an immediate help. Frontline always understand what your dogs and cats need. You can find it in your local pet stores. Always read the directions before us.

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